McLean Co, ND - how to determine if any value in mineral rights

Inherited a small parcel near Garrison. We are thinking to sell before the land gets parsed out to yet another generation.

Mineral rights - how to find out if there’s a remote chance mineral exploration one day in this area (vs. just let the rights go with the land sale ?)

The parcel is: Township 189, Range 85. Section 14; SW 1/4.


Check your description again. Perhaps you mean 149N? There is no 189 in McLean.

Gosh - THANK YOU !

You’re right. It reads

Township 149, Range 85 Section 14 SW 1/4

EDIT to above:

It’s Township 149, Range 85 Section 14: SW 1/4

As you can see from the ND GIS map, McLean is mostly out of the main oil and gas areas of interest.

Zooming into 149N-85W

There has been some leasing in the 150N 86-90W range from the State of North Dakoto and the Board of University and School lands to Northern Energy, Discovery Wind, The Triple T and a few other groups.

If you have both the land and mineral rights, then you can sell the land and keep the mineral rights just in case. Get an attorney to help with the proper wording-not for the title company to do!

THANKS so much - I appreciate your wisdom and resources.

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