Mclain County Section 22


What is going on in Section 22. Is there a well in operation in that section? I have been told that there are some funds that could be HBP. How can I find if this is the case?


Lots of Section 22s in McClain. Please post the complete Section, Township and Range.


Ok thanks. This is all new to me. I will see if I can find that information.


M_Barnes, It is 22-07N-02W. I was told that two wells were drilled at some time but did not reproduce so they are now plugged. Do you have any information concerning… 21-06N-02W and 29-07N-02W?

Thanks and have a blessed day.


Section 22 8n 4w


22-07N-02W Prairie Oil and Gas drilled the H.A. Perkinson 1in 1931. P&A 1931 Sinclair drilled H A Parkinson #1 in 1941. Plugged in March 1941. Paul J Adams Oil Company drilled the Perkinson #1 well in 1979. Completed 1981 in the Hunton. Looks like it was plugged in Nov 1997. If there are funds, you are going to have to try the State Treasurer’s office because they would have been turned over long ago.

There is info on the other two sections, but what do you wish to know? Potential horizontal activity in 21-6N-2W, vertical holes in 29.


Thank you for the information. The reason I have questions is that both my folks are deceased and my mom had some small acreages in these three sections. I’m getting ready to sign a lease on 21-06N-02W and 29-07N-02W. As I said this is all new to me but I am starting to understand things a little better.


What is going on in Section 22 5N-4W


Old vertical wells are still producing in the section. Some leasing in the past few years. Nothing new at the OCC yet.