McElroy District Lease


I received a phone call from a landman for EQT offering $250 for signing a lease agreement on 16 acres in Taylor County, McElroy District, Jefferson Run.

I have only 1/416th interest in this parcel. He is supposed to email me more detailed information, such as a parcel description.

I was not aware that I had any interest in Taylor County. I think I would rather sell my interest in the parcel.

When I get more information, I will attempt to find information on the Taylor County WV online. I do know the name of the ancestor who purchased an interest in this parcel, but was unable to find his name on the Taylor County online data.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for this valuable forum.


Make sure you are looking in Tyler County, WV courthouse records. Taylor is a different county in WV.


It is actually Tyler County, WV. We were recently contacted by a Fred Jankowiak, landman, contracted by EQT concerning this same parcel. It is 16.21 acres on Jefferson Run near Alma, WV. Perry J. Haught Jr. has filed documents claiming entire ownership of mineral rights and has a memorandum lease signed in 2015. Seems like you and I are cotenant owners of mineral rights of this parcel. Our line of heirship is from Glenn and Cretie Marie Morris. Contact for us is The parcel no. is 5-21-8. We have refused to sign the ratification of a 1973 lease and amendments. The amendment to the old lease states we too will get $250 bonus and 12.5 % royalties and they will be allowed to charge us for production and transportation costs which means if you sign this, you will give them permission to take your royalties to be used for their expenses. You get little or nothing after their costs, and EQT comes out as the winner takes all.


I looked in the Tyler records. It seems the deed in book 321 page 32 (involved in the Perry Haught situation) is not viewable in the new system (Index search). If you go to the old system (Archive ) and search the Grantee Index to Deeds, look in the H index page 116:020. You see there is indexed a deed from Lawrence E Keys to Perry Haught Jr et al in Book 321 page 32. If you go to the deeds list and search for book 321, it is not on the list. Perhaps the book was damaged and not able to be scanned. If you are actually going to Tyler, you should be able to find out much more.


Had lawyer look at the amendment and he struck the production and transportation cost portions. told us to ask for $500. EQT revised but I am waiting for my lawyer to look it over. Lawyer had added an addendum which landman said unnecessary because those things were covered in original lease.
We never signed or saw the original lease so I ask landman to scan and email a copy of that to me. Ugh.