McCoy Heirs, Tyler County WV

Has anyone heard any news about production in Tyler county with Antero, Ridgetop. How do we check to see whats happening when you get no reply from companies?

Are you saying that you have a lease with Antero or Ridgetop and nobody from them will call you back?

You can check this database WV Office of Oil and Gas

and look at the permits and the map search, see if anything is near you.

303 357 6475 and

303 357-7310

are phone numbers for Antero that people have posted. Both for their main location in Colorado. I have read that people have better results calling one or both of those numbers than trying to get the WV office, or the landman who did the leasing.

See if any of that helps.

In the link, if you go to the main page, left hand menu, choose General Information, then on that page look at Weekly Reports, and look at recent weeks under Permits. I have seen a lot in Tyler the last several weeks.