McClain Horizontal Drilling and Pooling Orders

Section 31 7N 3W. I have?/Had? lease with Echo ( transferred from Chesapeake) that filed Application for HD Spacing and I was included in Respondents list (2018), but Pooling Order (2018) I was not in respondents list. Well is listed as Active per OTC but no production shows. I believe lease has expired and I’m being overlooked under pooling order. Several horizontal wells are pending, I believe. Should I have been pooled? Don’t know what to do if anything?

Hi Paul,

If you have a lease then you would not have needed to be force pooled.

When do you believe that your lease expired? If there was a well drilled during the term of the lease- that lease is held by production and you would not need to be included on the pooling order. However, if there was not a well drilled within the primary term of your lease, then it would have expired. In that case, you should have been included on the pooling order.

If you can provide that information then I may be able to help a bit further. Either way, you can always contact the Division Order or Owner Relations department to see if they can provide you with any information.

Have a great evening!


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