Mcclain county well question

Can a vertical wells and one horizontal well be producing and active in one section? I would think if you have a horizontal well in one section that would be pulling from all 640acres Would they not be interfering with each other?

Generally no, but it does happen. Very seldom do any wells, vertical or horizontal, deplete more than 300 feet from the wellbore. Exceptions are when the formation has a high porosity and good permeability. That is why you see sections with multiple horizontal wells in the same formation (predominately shale formations).

Thank You. I was curious because the horizontal well dropped thousands 8000 to 101 for the month 08. I was trying to understand if it had or has something to do with the vertical wells.

You can have shallow vertical wells and deeper horizontal wells in the same section. Quite common if the reservoirs do not interfere with one another.

Generally, no vertical wells and horizontal wells producing from the same horizon as the pressure depletes.

If you have a major drop like that, it could be that the well was shut in while fracking was done nearby. Wait and see if it comes back up. Also, you did not mention if it was oil or gas. If oil, they may have missed a tank pickup.

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Thank you for the clarification. Sorry for the confusion. It was for oil. The gas was fine. Thank You

If you are interested in the formations that the wells are in, search the OCC well records site. The permits (form 1000) will list the predicted formations. The completions report (form 1002A) will list the final reservoir. Test

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Also I have been looking on the Ok Tax Commission reporting system for volumes reported for this month and unfortunately there system is two months behind. It just seems awful strange to me considering the vertical wells are just fine. I am going to find out what formation the vertical wells are in and what it is in comparison to the horizontal well. The verticals are with Charter… whom I do not trust at ALL

I did not see where you indicated the formations these wells are producing from. Yes, you can have wells producing from the same formation in the same section, but if you look at any satellite image of large portions of Oklahoma, you are likely to see multiple well sites in darn near every section. Most are into different formations. Porosity is one of the factors that determines the spacing for a formation, and for vertical wells into low porosity formations, spacing may allow multiple wells into the same formation per section. With horizontal wells, you can also have a well drilled in one section, but produce from one or more other sections. So, if you can know or can determine the formations these wells produce from, and the spacings they are producing from those formations, then let the more expert users here know, it will likely greatly improve how much information they can provide. The occ wellbrowse site is an interactive site that allows you to specify a section and get lists of wells in that section, both top-of-hole and bottom-of-hole.