McClain County- Section 8- Township 7N- Range 3W

I recently received a letter from Sven Energy saying I "may" own oil and gas rights under the above described land and they "may" be interested in leasing or purchasing those rights. Options A, B and C. Now, I am a complete novice here, so bear with me. The letter was addressed to my mother who passed away in 2006, but sent to my address. And I do remember as a kid hearing discussions about oil and gas rights. But this came out of the blue, and I have no idea of any interests that may have been or are owned. Short of asking Sven Energy, how do I find information on rights that might be in my mom's name, which would be mine now, since I am the only one left? For all I know, there is 1 acre or 500. I have no idea, and do not know where to begin. Thank you for your help.

What was your mother's name?

First go to

and type "201206704" in the box to the right of the "Case #" line.

Look at the exhibit attached to the entry "Applic". If you find the name of an ancestor on the Exhibit, you may own under the NE/4 of the Section.

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Also, since there have been several wells drilled in that Section, check the Unclaimed Property records with the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Judith Myles.

Her name is not in that court filing, and nothing comes up under Unclaimed Property. But the fact that Sven Energy came up with her name and tracked it to my address tells me her name must be listed somewhere for that area. May amount to nothing, but I do need to pursue it. Any idea how to find ownership in a specific area? Again, thank you for your help.

If you live near Purcell, the county seat, you can go to the County Clerk's Office and look at the Tract Indices for that Section. The Abstract Office also has an index (that is probably more accurate), but they may charge you a fee. I don't have a problem with paying, but some folks don't want to on an uncertain venture.

You might call the mineral buyer (Sven) and ask which tract your ancestor might have an interest in.

Good luck.

I am in NJ..... pretty far from Purcell, so going to the county office is not an option. I did call Sven and left a message, so someone may or may not get back to me. Is the Abstract Office part of the County Clerk's office, or a private company? I don't mind paying a little to get the information I'm looking for.

Abstract Co's are private. There are two listed with the State Board:

American Abstract Co. of McClain County
P.O. Box 1565

138 W. Main
Purcell, OK 73■■■■
(405) ■■■■
(405) ■■■■ Fax

Guaranty Abstract Co. of McClain County
P.O. Box 111
113 N. 2nd
Purcell, OK 73■■■■
(405) ■■■■
(405) ■■■■ Fax

Land in other counties you might want to look at:

Sec 30 T18N R4W Logan

MYLES, JUDITH CD No. 201705540 Address Unknown


Sec 14 T3N R3W Garvin

MYLES, JUDITH CD No. 200204555 Address Unknown

Sec 3 T9N R8E Seminole

MYLES, JUDITH F CD No. 000163628

Thank you, Frank.