McClain County Section 7, 9N, 4W

Please, could you tell me what is going on here? I am getting numerous requests to but this at pretty high rates. I don’t believe in selling my interests but sure would like some information.

Horizontal drilling. You have quite a few wells pending at the OCC for increased density for that section. You should have a pile of mail from the OCC for EOG Resources. If you don’t, contact EOG RESOURCES, INC. 3817 N.W. EXPRESSWAY, SUITE 500 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73112-1483 Contact Name: JESSICA D. HATCHER Contact Phone: 405-996-3395

Again, thank you for such a quick response on both of my questions. I have the same response…yes…lots of mailings that I am confused regarding what they mean. Mostly Continuances.

You can ignore the continuances. The court is just backed up.

Thank you! You are a welcome source of information. I just got ANOTHER offer to purchase my holdings in McClain, 7, 9N, 4W for a LOT (at least, to me) of money. I’ve always been advised to hold onto all mineral rights. But do you think I should? I would really like some advice by a knowledgeable, disinterested 3rd party.

Martha, I apologize for not combining this message. I also have holdings in Sections 16, 17, 20 and 21 in Stephens County that I have the same question for. Should I post it there or can you answer it here?

Post over in Stephens and include all of the address for the section, township and range for the Stephens question. We like to keep the threads of conversation separate.

They are hoping that you do not know about the EOG increased density hearing that is pending for more horizontal wells in your section. You should have gotten all the mailings on them. If not, then come back and I can give you the attorney’s name. There may be eight wells total. They are probably offering you about the value of 1-3 wells, but not the whole eight based on what I was offered nearby. If you do not need to sell, then you may want to hang on for a while. If you do need to sell, then ask for more, or only sell part and keep part. Go to 0709N04W and look up how many permits are already filed for the Nighthawk wells. Looks like one has finished and you will get paid any day now. Three more have spud and four more are still pending. If I were you and did not need to sell, I would hang on.

Thank you, Martha! I have been up to my eyebrows and kids and grandkids and Fourth of July stuff and I’m just now back to the house. Thank you for your advice and we will hang on!

PS. I haven’t a clue how to fill out that form…lots of numbers and drop downs that I don’t know what they mean or what to do.

Type 0709N04W into the legal location box.

Martha, in July you said I should be getting something from McClain County, Section 7 9N 4W shortly but I don’t know what’s happening there. Any insight?

You should have gotten piles and piles of mail. Make sure EOG has your name and address connected with your minerals. You have quite a few wells that just permitted on 9/24/19.

EOG RESOURCES, INC. 3817 N.W EXPRESSWAY, SUITE 500 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73112-1483 Contact Name: JESSICA D. HATCHER Contact Phone: 405-996-3395

I supposedly got ownership of rights on 5 acres when I purchased my home. Charter oak sent me a bonus check and $300 on very first well few years ago. I get tons of mail over EOG and not a penny on all this nighthawk stuff. Yesterday got another offer for $10,700 acre 3/16. I almost broke even since mineral owner registry sure wants their payment. How can they pay this amount though I just get noise pollution from all this.

Many of us ignore the registry. The only official place for Landmen to get information is the county courthouse.

What section are you in? 7-9N-4W? The Nighthawk wells were just drilled. The Nighthawk #1 had first sales in February, the other three in July. You should be getting a Division Order from EOG shortly on the first well. You need to write them by certified letter to the address listed above and demand your interest payment as they are late by several months now. The other three wells just went into payment in July, so you won’t get a payment on them until January or so.

It would be very wise to put all the EOG paperwork into order by case number and date and really keep up. Is your name and address properly filed in the county courthouse? It should be there is your deed was properly filed and it says you have the minerals (or doesn’t reserve them out). You may need a copy of that deed to prove ownership to EOG.

I didn’t even know i owned them and still unsure to be honest. I have everything they have sent, not in order. Its like reading spanish to me. Will they pay this kinda money, I figured it was some hoax? My property backs right up too mcmurtry Between 16th & 24th countyline & 76. Do you get anything for answering all these questions? You definitely should get a good chunk id say

You may be owed quite a bit of money. They don’t make offers to buy your minerals, to lose money.

Travis- the mineral registry is a scam. Do not send them any $$. That is a decent offer, but more has been paid in the area.

As for the last post, operators don’t drill wells to lose money, but sometimes we do.

Thanks alot for the info guys. If i was too sale could they use my property for anything or bother me at all? Id just assume keep it if they decide to drive equipment across my lawn or something crazy. I would be willing to pay all them 10,000 to pack up and leave town if i could for destroying the roads, the noise and mess they make but I understand its down ther and we gotta go get it lol appreciate u all

If you are getting mailings from EOG, then they are pretty sure you have the minerals. If you are getting offerings to buy, then they are pretty sure you have the minerals. Both of those sets of folks have done the title search.

Tough love here…mineral owners need to be good stewards of their minerals. You are potentially about to receive a good deal of money, so time to pay attention. I know it is overwhelming. I was in the same place a few years ago. You will be glad to get organized.

First thing. Find your deed or a copy of it. Scan it and put it in your digital files. Put your copy in the safe deposit box!

Second thing. Put all the EOG paperwork in order of case number, then in date order (upper right hand corner). That tells you what is going on. At least read the ones that have a final order. Those are the important ones.

Third thing. Look up the wells on the OCC wellrecords site. This site is very helpful. Type in 0709N04W . You will see a list of wells. I sort by Eff/Test Date so you get a time order of the files. The Warhawk wells spud in 7 and go north into section 6 and into section 31. You may not get paid on them because they may not perforate in your section.

The Nighthawk wells spud in 7 and then go south into section 18. Now sort by well name.
As you can see, there are potentially nine Nighthawk wells. Form 1000 is the permit. There are two of them for each well. I look at both of them. They have the maps of where the wells will go and where they plan to perforate each one. I download these and put in my digital files. You can also print each set.

Form 1001A is the spud date, the date the well starts drilling. Digital and print copy

Form 1002A is the completion report. Digital and print copy. I am a geologist, so I look at the 1002C cement record and the survey. I save a digital copy of the survey. It shows where the well actually goes.

I make a folder (digitally and in print) for each well. You will receive a Division Order for each well. They may have a slightly different decimal amount due to the varying lengths of the wells and the varying perforations in each well by section.

You only get paid on the perforations in your section. The equation for the decimal amount is: net acres/spacing acres (actual) x royalty x %perforations in your section. Section 7 is spaced at 640 acres, but the section is not actually 640 acres, so the actual acreage is used in the equation.


You will need to find out from EOG if you have a lease or if you were force pooled. You may need to find out what your royalty rate is. (Sounds like 3/16ths) EOG will not notify you of activity on the wells. You have to look them up yourself. When they are finished, they send the Division Orders. Given that they are drilling so many wells over four sections from the same surface location, they have about a thousand mineral owners to track down for the Division Orders, so they are running behind. Good thing, because you get 12% interest if they are late, but you have to ask for it!

You can also watch the production at the Gross Production OK tax site. The gas will not match exactly, but the oil is usually pretty close. Gross Production

Given how many wells are planned, the offer you received seems low to me. I would ignore it and wait for your royalties. Suggest you talk to an accountant about your potential tax situation since these payments may come in at the end of the year and put you into a new tax bracket. You may need to plan ahead for paying quarterly payments for 2020. They can catch you unawares. Be sure and save all your check stubs for seven years. You may need them for the IRS.

Come back and ask questions. That is what the forum is for. Congrats!