McClain County Section 5 6N-2W - Charter Oaks


Thanks for all you help and education on a previous question. My sister and I have a very small interest in McClain County Section 5 - Township 6N - Range 2W - SE/4 of the SW/4 specifically. We received a a notice of drilling and spacing units back in 2012 for the W/2 of this this section but no other paperwork. When we got division orders on a BP Horizontal well in this section it made me curious. I see Charter Oak drilled a well called Alcatraz next to the horizontal well from BP, but I believe that is physically in the SE/4 of Section 5. Should I contact Charter Oaks to see if my interests are included? Don’t want to leave money on the table if legit. Thanks Dwayne


Alcatraz was a vertical well drilled back in 2014 by Charter Oak. It is in the SE4 quarter and spaced at 80 acres, so would not have included your SW4.


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A person really has to be sure they have the depth clause. These people drilling straight holes in the area, are not just going for oil or gas, but to get some people held by production without a depth clause. Then , they can score huge re-assigning to BP later and you miss a big lease.