McClain County - Section 26-7N-3W / Section 25-8N-3W


I have a couple of offers in the above sections of McClain County Oklahoma. 750 for a 3 year term 3/16 royalty is the current offer. Does anyone else have any minerals in these sections. Seems like there have been large swings in the price per acre over the last year.

also does anyone have a copy of a owner friendly oil and gas lease. I have not looked at one in quite a few years and don’t want to get tricked.

thanks in advance for your help


I would consider that a relatively low offer. I work all throughout the scoop/stack, I have leased mineral owners for more and have leased my personal minerals in these township/range for more. However if your NMA is relatively small that might be why the offer is lower. Smaller interest are not as valuable to most non-ops or operators and they will tend to low ball on small acreages or attempt force pool. Hope this helps.


Those two sections are on the east side of the McClain Co fault system which runs north -south through the townships. The west side of those townships get high offers because the Woodford is thick and oil prone and drilling knowledge is high. The east side of the fault has thinner Woodford, so less pay interval. The $750 for 3/16ths is about normal there. Ask what they are doing for 1/5th.


Thanks for you help. JAR