McClain County Section 14-9N-4W and 26-9N-4W

Wondering if anyone knows what is going on in Section 26-9N-4W or Section 14-9N-4W? I have both of these sections leased, but now getting offers to purchase.

We have some at 24 9N 4W. Apparently, the geography is good. We have had so many offers to buy and lease its ridiculous.

What are folks seeing on offers for nma purchase?

Two of the offers I received were $5,000 and $6,500 per net acre. Received another offer to purchase letter today, but not sure what they are offering.

Hi Joe,
I also have mineral rights at 24-9n-4w and was wondering if you will be willing to exchange offer info. Ive had a few lease offers and purchase offers as well. These are inherited mineral rights that I’m not selling but would like to lease at the right amount. Any info is appreciated.
Thank you,
Sandi m

I think that one was $2000 an acre leased and 1/5. I will have to go back and look though.

Just rec’d an offer to lease. I’m curious as to whom you leased ? would you share that info? I have some in 23 and 24 9N-4W. Thank you