McClain County Oklahoma Sec-34-7N-4W


Hello everyone.I was wondering if anyone had information on the Keri well in this section.I had a well drilled on me in the same section by TRP MidCon out of Houston Texas.It was OK.But I am curious how Newfields well did in the same section.Thank You in advance.



I’m pretty sure that Newfield decided against drilling the Keri well - unfortunately. There was some sort of issue with MidCon. I don’t remember the details now. Maybe someone else can help.

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TRP drilled the Kroix well in 2018 in 34-7N-4W. It was completed in August 2018. Production can be found on the OK tax site.

Completion report can be found on the OCC well records site.

Newfield cases are still pending, so not looking like a well for them at this point.


Thanks for the info Joyce I appreciate it.