McClain County, OK Sec 31&32 T5N R3W 54.28nma

Many years ago, prior to horizontal drilling in the Scoop and Stack plays, our family considered selling our minerals in the area referenced. We had a geologist review our ownership and at that time he could not determine there was an upside to keeping our ownership. My cousin who owned the surface and also a portion of the minerals auctioned off both the surface and his minerals and received a tidy payment......just prior to his demise. We at that time elected to keep our family minerals, which are owned by our family corporation.

Several years have passed, the Scoop and Stack plays have taken off. Upon my review of wells in the immediate area, there are not any Woodford tests of the Horizontal nature. We have not received any interest/inquires towards leasing during all the passion over the Scoop/Stack plays.

Finally my question. Are the referenced minerals within what is now identified as the Scoop/Stack plays? Hope springs eternal is our posture.

I would not sell the total minerals. If you need the money, sell 1/2.

Don't need the money.

This is about a township too far north and east to be considered in the scoop play. It is also very far south of the stack.

Thank you.