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I posted the following message earlier today:

I have 20 mineral acres in S8-9N-4W and 13 mineral acres in S17-9N-4W McClain county. Was leased for 3 years @ $500 per acre @ 3/16 with 2 year option. The 3 year lease has expired and I have not heard back from the company about taking the option. Several companies are contacting me to lease. One company wants to lease at $1200 per acre @3/16. Anyone know what is the going rate should be? And, is there any drilling activity in these sections.

I received 2 comments about my post; however I did something wrong and I cannot find the comments/information about leasing. If you sent me something earlier, please send the information again.


Larry Smith

Eli, that is pretty low. Quite a few other companies leasing in there. Many for 1/4.

I have very little property section 7-5n-4w but have been offered $650 with 3/16 for 3 yr. paid up lease. Is this good?


Please contact me to discuss your offer. It seems very low.



It was with Cope Oil. Who should I contact for higher offer?

Larry, there is quite a bit of leasing in that general area. You need to ask for the rates for 1/5th and 1/4. No OCC activity yet. Be sure you get help with your lease clauses as the first lease offered is not in your favor.

Here’s a question for someone who is experienced in mineral rights leasing or the selling of those rights. I know enough to realize that leasing or selling isn’t an easy topic to explain. One never knows if the biggest oil find might be something that happens or possibly no oil found upon drilling. So that said…if a company wanted to buy ones mineral rights…what is that company looking at as their pay back under normal conditions? Example : you are offered $5000 an acre for a purchase and you have 5 acres resulting in a $25,000 sell for yourself. How long do these companies expect to get their $25,000 back assuming oil is found and the quantity of oil is an average amount? Thanks in advance. Rick

Received Casillas pooling on 18 6N 4W. Only four are pooled. Offer 1/4 and $1500.00/nma. $4500.00 for 3/16 and $4000.00 @ 1/5th.


I sent a friend request.

Rick, when they make offers to buy I think they are looking at 2X +++++++ in payouts or they are not doing it. Their worst case scenario they believe is break even I think. The offers they make are no brainers for them.

In general, when willing and knowledgeable buyers and willing and knowledgeable sellers, neither under constraint to do business, do a deal, the old rule was 4X annual royalties for oil and 7X annual royalties for gas. Of course, this could vary, but that is a ballpark.

I have been keeping track of my offers versus probable value over the last few years and I have seen offers at approximately worth the value of one-two horizontal wells, but the section true values being many times more depending upon how many more wells are to be drilled. Also depending upon commodity price, costs, time value of money, geology, etc. So bottom line is they have all offered me quite a bit less than the minerals were worth so I did not sell.

Tom Ed Moore, I have interest in 18 6N 4W as well. I see you’re from Pauls Valley. Do you live close enough to keep an eye on this well? If you know, I would appreciate an update from time to time.

PS - I’m a native of PV myself, but have lived in Texas most of my adult life.

Someone told me that Newfield was already drilling in Sec-2-6N-4W.I just leased in this section in March.I leased to Eagle Rock who is participating with Casillus.Does anyone know if any well has even spudded in 2-6-4?Also since I signed with Casillus they are proposing to drill a HZ in sec-2 only.Newfields proposal was like going through 3 sections and the people in Section 2 were only going to get 20% of the O&G.Since I signed with Eagle Rock do I get what they produce in Section 2?And as far as Newfields HZ well do I get that 20% or do I just get what the Casillus well produces and not both.Im confused as you can tell.I did know that the new 2 mile HZ law is in effect and Newfields proposal says they are running a lateral over 10,000 I believe.They are going through 3 sections,with one section getting 41%,the other 39%,and my section 2,gets the remaining 20%.Is it possible I will collect on the Newfield well and the Casillus well.Any info would be appreciated.Thanks,David.

G’morning David.

You should have received some of the OCC filings for the horizontal wells that pertain to your Section–Horizontal Spacing and Multi-Unit Horizontal Wells. It is recommended that you gather up all of those Notices, Applications, and Orders, organize them by CD Number, and get someone to explain the legal effect of each Order.

Looks like Newfield spudded two holes on Sec-2-06N-04W on August 12th.They are both HZ wells.Seems like I have read on here that the average time to completion is anywhere from 30 to 45 days.And then another 6 months till the royalty owners can expect their first check.Does that sound right?

David–you are leaving out a step. They have to frac and recover the frac water which takes some time. It may be a month or more between the time the stop drilling and start the frac. So the reality is probably closer to one year from the time they spud before you will get a check.


Lohman 1H-2X is permitted to run from section 2 to 11. Pending case dockets are 201702053 and 2054. Spud August 14, 2017. You can see the map on the permit.

Ryan 1H-26XX This well spud in 2 (20%) and is going north into 395-7N-4W (39%) and then 26-7N-4W (41%) Pending cases are 201704657 and 4658. You can see the map on the permit at the OCC. Also spud on Aug 14, 2017.

They are from the same pad. One goes north and one goes south. You will get paid on the portion of 2 that each well has perforations. Since there is quite a bit of horizontal drilling in the area all around these wells, these are probably not vertical test wells and will go ahead and be the horizontal wells they are planned to be. They usually do the straight hole tests in wildcat areas. Although if you had good intel, they could be doing that here.

For a guestimate of the completion, the test on the Runyan 1H-3X well in 10 and 3 was a Woodford completion with 476 bopd and 297 mcfd

In 24 9N 4W I’m getting $2000 and a 1/5 Kerry.

Thank you M Barnes.So I am looking at 50% on Lohman and 20% on Ryan.Also Casillus is getting a permit for Section 2 and it says the people in Section 2 will get 50% on that well.They are only running one lateral,and are asking for more than 180 days till they have to spud.