McClain County offers or activity in 19-7N-4W?

I have received numerous offers to buy my mineral rights in 19-7N-4W for $4500 per net mineral acre based upon the mineral interest being leased at a 3/16 royalty or greater. Is there any activity or future drilling in this area? Anyone else received offers?


Newfield is building a position in this section. Far West Development from OKC is also leasing in this section. How much did you get offered as a bonus at 3/16?

$700/NMA/ 3/16; $800/NMA/1/8; $600/NMA/ 1/5.

These are offers made in " anticipation" of forced pooling. Forced pooling may bring these bonuses higher. In my experience , a final court pooling decision is often higher, or equal to what lessors accept at the beginning of negotiation.

Thanks for the information. I have an interest in 13-6N-4W. The final amounts are 1800 @1/8, 1600 @3/16, 1400 @1/5 and 0 @1/4.

Newfield received emergency order 651695 to drill a horizontal well across sections 18 and 19 before the pooling order is approved. EOG will protest but i dont know what Far West Development is doing exactly. The McCorn 1H-18X spudded in April 4th and is being drilled at Newfield's sole risk.

Were you able to get any better terms to lease?

I did not negotiate the lease terms and the offer was curiously formatted like a pooling order and not written like a usual lease request. Also, the offer, if accepted, appeared to lock me into the terms and override and nullify whatever court ordered pooling terms are decided, yet allow them to withdraw their offer without prior notice. Since pooling orders are often higher or at least equal to initially made offers, I'll wait it out to see what the court decides.

The pooling results are in: $1850- 1/8, $1800-3/16, $1100-1/5, and no cash-1/4.

Original unsecured offers were:$800-1/8, $700-3/16, and $600-1/5.

In this case it was much better to be force pooled.

Also, you will be able to lease to another operator any minerals not covered by the order.