McClain Co. OK. Section 30 8N 4W

Spoke with someone I know in McClain County Oklahoma…they told me there might be some upcoming activity in/for Sec. 30 8N 4W. Wondering if there is any info anyone knows about concerning this possibility? Thanks , Rick

There are no pending cases at the OCC at this time.

Thanks for getting back to me. I try not to go on the hearsay info I receive…better to ask on this site…lots of good info passed back & forth based upon the knowledge of people as yourself. I have seen on the McClain Co. Website that leasing has picked up in Sec. 30 8N 4W this year.

Leases are a hint. The best clue is when the spacing, horizontal or pooling cases actually hit the OCC OAP site. I just checked and nothing there yet.

I was told by a landman trying to buy my mineral is Sec 34 8N 4W that NATIVE EXPLORATION has put their interests in the Scoop play/McClain county on the market for sale. Does anyone have any information about this sale, if it is a public sale (Energynet, Clearinghouse, etc.) and who might buy it? I think EOG would be a likely buyer. They are the operator of my unit under the Charles 0334 #1H well. Real good well avg. 10,000 bbl/month + 13,000 mcf/month. thanks for any information

Native is toast like all the venture capital companies. Sold the sizzle but customers don’t like the steak. Watch the averages as they will drop quickly. Not in every case, but most of the wells deplete 80% in the first year.