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Does anyone have any info as to production of recently completed Sturgell 1720 horizontal? Anything helps, much appreciated. Joe


Need Section, Township, Range


Located in 17/20 7N-4W


Hello Todd & Rick, Many thanks for your respective replies. Sturgell 1720 2h location is McClain Co, 17 7N 4W. I’m sure EOG is doing all it can to keep this info contained. No PUN yet, spudded March 22, completed & tested. That’s as much as I’ve been able to learn so far.


joefly714- Just be patient. They have 6 months from 1st production to file 1002A (completion form) with the OCC, later if the ask for variance of rules. I doubt the well has been producing more than 30 days, if that.

Todd M. Baker


You may have to wait a bit. The Sturgell 3H and 4H have also been spud from the same pad. Possible that they may not post the completions until all of the wells are finished.


Hello Mr Baker, After digging a bit deeper into my copies of OCC filings, I found that I’m researching the wrong wellbore. The Sturgell 0805 1H is the info I’m after. This well was spudded March 22 in section 17 and runs north through sections 8 & 5 with perfs in the latter 2 at depths of 22K ft plus. While there’s no known production info on this well, might there be any general production info on the Woodforc shale in sections 5 & 8. Again, many thanks for any info on this. Kind Regards, Joe


Sturgell 0805 1H will be the first horizontal Woodford in Sections 5 & 8 so no other horizontal well in that section for the Woodford.
If you want a very similar well close by, it would be the Brooks 1H-6X which was drilled in late 2017 and is right next door in 7 & 6. This is the completion report for it. Note that the choke is almost wide open at 58/64ths. This is the Gross Production OK tax portal. Type in 06 07N 04W in the legal location and you can see the first few months of production.


M Barnes, thanks much for valuable help & info. Very much appreciated.


Another data point would be the Curry 21X 1VH that EOG drilled from 21-08N-04W. The end of the well is in 33-07N-04W just a little NE of Section 5. They have yet to publish a 1002A with the OCC, but they did include production info in a slide from their 3Q 2017 Report. It came in at 1460 bopd. This is much better than what Newfield has been seeing in the area (200-400 bopd). EOG is drilling the Sturgell 0805.


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Great info from all; Baker, Barnes, Howell, Bonnell, Nigel. McClain EOG looks promising. Anyone have any insight as to where 6-figure financing might be obtained to be a player here?


Aaron_Bryant…what the was the reason for that response and attack on Joefly714? I went back and reread what he’s posted and see zero interactions that would warrant such a response.


Hello Jeffrey, Don’t get sucked in. Maybe he thought I was looking for financing on this forum. As for IMF, I think we’ll all remain clueless. I’ll write it off as someone having a lesser day. Thanks for your input. Joe


I took this statement as levity, not a put-down.


Any late info on EOG McClain Co, Sturgell 0805, 17/8/5 7N 4W? I.e., filings, production, PUN, etc. EOG not yet at disclosure position, apparently. Many thanks, Joe


Hi - I am new to this forum and read with interest the discussions regarding EOG’s Sturgell 0805 1H drilled in Section 17-7N-4W which - if I understand correctly - was spudded on March 22nd. My brother and I are small mineral owners in Section 8 and just today received a lease offer via a phone call from a landman out of Decatur, Texas on behalf of EOG Resources. I am not new to leasing, but this is the first time I have ever received an offer to lease “after” a well was drilled. Our minerals are definately open and available for lease, but we are hesitant to strike a deal until we better understand why we are just now being contacted. Once I discovered that a well had already been drilled, I called the landman back this afternoon and asked ever so politely for some reasonable explanation as to why they were just now leasing us. He dummied up and said that he had no idea but would call me back next week after I had time to obtain more info. Does anyone have any idea why this might have happened? We have received one or two offers to purchase these minerals in recent months, but outside of that nothing. By the way, the lease offer was $5,000 nma for 1/8th, $4,500 nma for 3/16ths, $4,000 nma for 1/5th, $1,000 nma for 1/4th. We are inclined to lease, but not sure if we should counter. Would appreciate the forum’s input.


It could have been a mistake that you were overlooked, or it could have been a business risk decision to not worry about very small interests prior to drilling. Either way, it is not unusual these days.


Hello H, Ref your specific concern about the Sturgell 0805. Yes, EOG completed this well and and possibly 2 more within section 8 (or are in the process). Oklahoma does allow producers to drill, produce & get the ownership details addressed after the fact. As a working interest owner in the Sturgell, I know EOG is feverishly working to finalize ownership interests in this lease. As for your recent contact, do some homework; shop it. I was contacted by 9 companies for my interest, highest being $6500 nma for the eighth and prorated from there. I suggest you contact EOG directly and provide them with details of your ownership and deal directly with them. I can forward contact information should you opt to do that. I’m of the opinion this Woodford play has great potential; give serious consideration to retaining the larger percent and forego the greater bonus. Just my opinion. BTW, did you not receive any mailings from the OCC ref your interest? If not, that would explain why you’re just now being contacted. EOG may not have known of your existence. You may still have the right to participate as a WI owner; an issue for legal counsel. Good luck and contact me separately if you’d like contact names, etc. Regards, Joe