Back when tax stamps for a deed were calculated at $1.50 per thousand, my father bought 120 acres in Blaine Co. The tax stamps on the deed add up to $6.30 (one @ $3 and two @ $1.65 each). How much did he pay per acre? Thanks for taking a stab at my little puzzle and please give the steps you took to arrive at your answer.


The amount of stamps purchased indicate $35/acre but that doesn't mean he paid that amount for the acreage. The stamps may mean that our father over paid the recording fee and took his change out in stamps rather than being sent a check.

(6.30/1.5)X$1000 /120 = $35

Gary L Hutchinson

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Thank you ever so much Gary. It was 1959 and someone at the courthouse told me that $1.50 per 1000 was the going rate back then. If anyone differs, please let me know.