Martin County, TX

Any new wells or production in S9 T2n Block 35? Signed D.O. with XTO 1st Nov 2021 for 2 wells Lohan 9-1 and 9-2 and have not received anything. Recently had letter from Flatland Minerals with offer to buy. They stated Lohan 9 lease had just been permitted for new horizontal oil and gas development. Have a small interest, 1-2 acres net mineral interest. Thx. John Cram


Here is a map of that area below. It’s pretty binary, if people drill HZ wells in a unit, they drill a whole bunch. And it’s all getting filled in over time. Map on the left is a bigger view, map on the right is zoomed in on your acreage. XTO has been drilling up that area on 18-30 wells per mile wide unit. Secs 9, 12, and the N/2 of 19 are going to be the Rivers 1 and 2 units (yellow rectangles). Exxon has drilled a well in each unit. Came online in January 2022.

They have permitted eight additional wells in Rivers Unit 1. Have applies for permits but not yet approved in Rivers Unit 2 (you). I didn’t check through all of the old vertical wells to see if all leases are HBP, but the fact they only drilled/completed a single well in each unit would suggest that something is set to expire as they would normally drill all the wells at once. But in short, I’d expect you are going to get 8-10 additional wells in the Rivers Unit #2 in the next 0-3 years.

You got DOs for the two old vertical wells in SE/4 of Sec 9. And you should get one for the HZ well that just came online (317-43657, Rivers Unit 2 1984NH).

XTO is :clown_face: show of goofs, but people like XTO Martin acreage. As they drill a lot of wells on it. Assuming you are leased at 25% royalty, a fair offer would be $40k/mineral acre or higher.

Hope this helps

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