Martin County sent tax bill - lease is in Howard county -?

I paid my property taxes in Howard County, then I got another tax bill from Martin County - Pennel and Marlow Survey says it is in Howard, Crownquest (Operator) check stubs say Howard County. Martin County tax bill states Crownquest is Operator and give same property township/block/section information as the survey..
Property is T1S, Blk 34, Sec. 6. Bosque Unit 6.
Why would I be owing taxes to the next county over?

See if the Martin County tax bill is for school district or hospital district or other tax authority. These can overlap county boundary lines. Otherwise call and ask for the reason.

Yes, it is Stanton ISD. Stanton is in Martin Co. Had not heard of school districts overlapping county lines before.

TennisDaze is right, and this is actually quite common. If you have any questions, call the Howard County Appraisal Office and they should be able to better explain it to you or direct you to the folks who can.

Thanks, like I said, I'd never heard of school taxing areas overlapping county lines. They don't do that in the state I live in. Makes sense now.