Martin County Mineral Interest

Martin County. My father, Glen Aaron, has an ORRI in a well scheduled for horizontal drilling which I have inherited and am interested in selling. Unfortunately, I have lost the file. If anyone can direct me to the property description, I would appreciate it. There may also be min. int. under the names Petro PAK or Vega Petroleum. Thank you, Glen Aaron, II

Would need the state in order to locate.

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The interest is located in Martin County, Texas

Moved the request to Martin County, TX where someone may be able to help you.

Hi Glen, I do a lot of work in Martin County and would be happy to help you find the information you’re looking for.

Hi Steven, thanks for contacting me. Sec. 17, Blk. 36, T-3-N, Martin County Recently was notified that my deceased father, Glen Aaron, has an existing orri on this acreage, held by deep right production, operated by Legacy. Dad’s orri is from the surface to 220’ below the Sprayberry-Dean. On a brief glimpse of a map I saw, there was an operator who had staked for dierctional drilling just south of this acreage. Would be interested in knowing who that is and what the status might be.

Thank you, Glen Aaron, II

I found the lease but nothing under your fathers name. Do you know if it would be under a different name?