Martin County leases

I am a mineral owner in Martin County and would like to know what the going rate for lease bonus and percentage currently is? Thanks Gigi


Depending on what part of the county, size of the parcel, and your net acreage, I would think $750-$1,000 per acre and 20-25% royalty would be a good price for non-productive lease hold. You may be able to get more than that in bonus and a solid 25% depending on the specifics.



Dear Ginny,

I have a suggestion ... why don't you joint the Martin County Group (see listing at the top of this page) and ask your questions. Don't forget to give the legal description of your land. This will "narrow" down the field and enable you to get more specific answers to your questions.

Watch out for those "hound dog" landmen who will tell you anything to get you to sign their lease

Good luck,


Thank you Pat!