Martin county knott Texas

Getting request to sell minerals frankly the offers look pretty good anyone selling in knott?

Nelda - I think there is a horizontal well permit by Endeavor Energy Resources that includes your minerals. I found your tracts using online deed records. That is probably why the offers are looking pretty good right now but may not be so good considering the upcoming activity.

What do you mean by upcoming activity?

There will likely be a horizontal well drilled in the coming months. With drilling, building of lease facilities, and completion (frac'ing) of the well I'd bet you are within a year of getting some monthly royalty checks that will dwarf the ones you are currently receiving off your existing vertical wells.

Thank you for this information I have heard nothing from endeavor.

How can I verify this

Marcus do you know if there is any current/planned horizontal drilling in the vicinity of Sect 42, Blk 36, T1N, T&P Survey?

I’m away from my computer on vacation this week but will check for you as soon as I get back.

There are quite a few horizontal permits and wells to your northwest but nothing on your section right now. That is a very good area of Martin County so it’s just a matter of time.

Thanks, Marcus. I’m not very adept at searching TRR reports on production. Can you tell me what sort of bbl/day these well are getting?

Those wells to your northwest are some of the best in the basin, Pioneer’s Sale Ranch wells. Peak months for nearly all wells are greater than 30,000 barrels before declining to 5,000 barrels per month over time. Some wells have peak months greater than 50,000 barrels. How many acres do you own?

Actually, I’ve learned a little bit more about what my interests are: they are not mineral ownership acreages, but leasehold interests that my father bought back in 1970. We signed a term assignment last year on the NE/4 of Sect 42, Blk 36, T1N. We reserved an NRI, of course. So if the drilling does move to the southeast, then maybe it would generate some income. But I am told I can’t sell the leasehold interest, nor would I want to.