Martin County going rate to sell mineral rights/acre.

Has anybody in the last 30 days had offers to sell mineral rights only in North Martin county?

Thank you for any information!

Hi Patty - What's the legal description for your mineral rights? That may help others determine if they own very close to you or let others chime in on going rates.

This property is 3 miles North of Stanton, Section 46, Block 36, that I’m ask about selling mineral rights/acre

Patty there are 2 block 36 in Reeves County....Block 36 T1N and Block 36 T2N.

Which one is yours?

Clint Liles

Martin County


Based on the description of the direction and distance from Stanton, this should be 36 T1N. While there aren't any horizontal well permits on that property yet, it is a great area in general. The going rate depends on the royalty rate the minerals carry, but it should be well over $10,000 per acre even though it is held by production (HBP) by vertical wells.

Ok, I’m needing an estimate of what the mineral acres are worth. I am aware of 3 horizontal wells 2 1/2 miles away with large #s of barrels of oil/month.