Martin County Block 37 T1S

It’s been a while. We are getting offers again for our interests in Martin County, TX NE section 2 block 37 T1S. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is new activity in the area. I see that just over the property line on the GIS map there is a horizontal well completed. I remember reading that if the horizontal well runs within 400 feet of your property line that they are suppose to send you a pooling lease as well. Is this right? Is anyone familiar with the area? I am out of state.

Good afternoon. No, I don’t see any recent permits/activity in Section 2 or any contiguous sections.

This is the core of the core Midland Basin - prime. Looks like Pioneer and Endeavor have the offset acreage to yours. No rigs in the immediate area, but just give it time. Best of luck!

Thank you both for your reply.

Good rock, but it will be a while until it gets drilled. If the value of the acreage is a significant portion of your wealth, I’d sell it or a portion. If not, I’d hold onto it. I think maintaining exposure to oil and gas is important, but some of the funny money pouring in this area is worth taking and putting in an investment that will compound quicker than this acreage with less volatility.

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