Marketing your oil prospects

Has any O&M owner found a successful way to market or show your properties are available to lease. Yes they may find you, but is there a more creative way to put it out there? Thank you all.

If your correct contact information is on the records at the County Clerk’s office in the counties/states where you own an interest, the landmen will find you if they are interested.

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What Todd said. If they like the area they will find you. The geologists decide where to look and the landmen go to the courthouse to see who owns it.

If you truly believe you are sitting on something special you could hire a geologist to work up a detailed drilling prospect for you and try to show it around, but I wouldn’t expect an easy go of it.

Thank you. I do know, because it was my great grand aunt, who left it all for me, but in the will. Not just at a court house. Maybe if one lives nearby. Dropping by, as was suggested by each county’s office, is not possible.