Market Rate for a DeWitt county lease?

How do I find out the going rate for a lease in northeast DeWitt county? I have received an unsolicited offer and have no idea how close it is (or is not) to the market rate.

Robert, when you find out the value of your lease is make sure you give me a call. I have a group that is paying 30 x’s the monthly payments.

what percent royalty

Hi Nancy

It's not a percentage of royalties buy a simple "buy out". They will pay the 30 x's monthly check amount in a lump sum. I guess they then wait for the monthly income to catch up with their investment, 30 months or more. Right now it would be more because the price is going down.

nancy peterson said:

what percent royalty

i would never ever x 30 ever sell my royalties, i don’t care if they say the price is going down in dewitt county that is a sweet spot take a drive and look at the pipeline going though


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depending on size/location of your acreage, from what I gather the "market rate" could range from $2500/$4000 per net acre ... though, lots of variables to consider