Mark Draeb & Stoneridge Energy, Inc

Does anyone have any information on the above--good bad or neutral? They have expressed interest in minerals owned by various members of my family, and from what I've seen of the offering documents, I'm not comfortable. We have good legal representation in Dickinson, but before I incur legal fees in checking them out, I though I'd see what the grapevine has to offer. Any first-hand knowledge would be greatly apprecitated.


Larry Gress

There is a Stoneridge llc that is out of Hallsville Texas. And they are flippers and tie property up and do not close. They also purchase for Chesapeake Energy.

Hi Lawrence, I am a Gress with mineral rights south of Dickenson. We leased to Longshot, but it comes up for renewal next year. I am new to this too, and trying to learn all I can. No drilling yet.