Marion County WV Future Drilling?

Does anyone have any information regarding drilling or future drilling in Marion County WV? My family owns some mineral rights around Paw Paw Creek

AS do I, have you been contacted?

The only discussions that I've had was when they offered the up front money to lease the mineral rights.

new member- familes own 380 acres- mineral rights only-5 different sites- marion county- over 100 years- were leased @ $5.00 per acre @ that time-they are now wanting us to sign new leases @ the same price-they say they already own the leases- is this fair- would like to pool with other mineral owners and land owners- to get fair price-e-mail- also on facebook- mike morris massillon ohio

Michael, it sounds like they're wanting to amend the leases that were taken 100 years ago. If the original lease is still active, its probably producing (held by production). Its possible there's a flat rate royalty or the royalty was sold out at some point.