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What's the Lease Bonus going for around Marion County; Does anyone know?


I own an interest in the minerals in Marion County, Texas, in a tract located in the Margin C. Nall Survey. Does anyone know if there is production in this area?


What would be the Abstract # of your minerals/property in Marion County?

Clint Liles


After doing some searching I found your abstract #. It is Absract # 300/MG Nall Survey. Numerous oil wells and some dry holes.

Including a GIS map of A-300:

Clint Liles

Clint - Thanks for this info. Don't know how you found it, but glad you did. I did find out there was a Bruton Well there, but it has been abandoned and is apparently going to be plugged.

How do I find out how large of a tract our mineral rights are on? We just found out we inherited some with TR ENERGY,Inc The lease agrrement that was sent to us says it's 98.66 acres which is broke up into several tracts and different owners.

It says 98.66 acres of land, more, or less, being a part of the Isaac H. Johnston Survey. A-216 In Marion, county, Texas and being in the same land described in that certain warranty deed dated May 1.1970 recorded volume 329 page 614 in the deed records of Marion, County Texas..C an anyone tell me what this is. I realize they are wanting mineral rights, she said more than likely there would not be much in royalties if anything at all was found..Anyone that could help me understand this would be much appreciated.

Does anyone have any idea WHEN they will stop getting permits and actually start the drilling process around Isaac H. Johnson, Marion, County

I received a tax assesment on a well called "Chatten Oil Unit 1 (793655) where the operator is shown as XTO Energy.

I have not received any checks for production on this well in over 5 years so I reached out to XTO and the response was that the lease dissolved and they entered new leases for an oil well that is utilizing 164.8 acres for which I have no ownership.

How did the county get my ratio and thus a tax assessment for me if I have no ownerhsip.

Any suggestions on next steps? Does their story seem logical?

The bank just notified me that my most recent royalty check from Linn Energy is being returned without being paid. I know they are in bankruptcy but if they are getting 7/8 of my minerals and not paying for the other 1/8 (old lease), they are now getting all and I am getting the property taxes. What should my next step be?

Anything exciting happing in Marion Co.?

Some activity over the past year. Mercury Operating has 4-5 new shallow permits NW of Jefferson. Brooks Petroleum just permitted several wells under the lake from the north and south shore and has been drilling this summer.

Thanks Rockman. Our minerals are southwest of Warlock. Have you heard anything in that area?


You can check out the drilling permits, completions, etc. I post for Marion county using this link:

Clint Liles

Just looked up where Warlock is - nothing in that area. Appears that all almost all recent activity is focused under the lake. Link that Clint Liles just sent you is a great way to keep up with what is happening as to permits and completions.

Clint, Do u know if they are finished drilling Marion County near Jeffereson I think it was I H abstract 213. I could be wrong on the abstract because I haven’t kept up with this since 2014. Last time I saw it was capped. I believe there were two small pieces that were gonna meet 213 & 216 or cross one another. I assume they found nothing and closed it Off? Any ideas??

Thomas, I am pretty sure you are talking about the Anadarko well west of Jefferson out near Lassater based on the two abstracts you cited. Operator permitted this as a horizontal but after drilling the vertical pilot hole, they apparently did not see sufficient positive indicators and then never drilled the horizontal. Essentially a dry hole although not formally plugged yet. Sorry to be bearer of negative news

Thank you Rock man

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