Marion County Illinois

My family received lease agreements on our ground in Marion County Illinois (Kinmundy Illinois) Considerable $$ on leases. What is going on there?


University of Illinois

Walter, are you referring to the leasing activity about four years ago with a company called Bear Creek or something like that? We have farmland on Kinmundy and Tonti roads that we leased, but nothing ever happened with them. I think most of those leases expired and were not renewed.


This just a few months ago, John. Nothing to do with Bear Creek. Company out of Oblong, IL and Lakeland, FL

This is certainly new to me. Our land is in Alma and Stevenson townships - is yours nearby? I was recently contacted by a company in Carmi regarding some activity in Saline County, but I haven't heard of anything recent in Marion at all.

Did your family sign the leases?

Yes. There putting some $$ behind this. I have a cousin who is also an heir in Centralia (Marion County). There putting some good $$ on these leases (by a landman). He went to Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL. Its a small university but a good one. He worked with my CHASE bank to do the deal. I was surprised by as to why he ran (found) us. That took some work. Walter

The lease I just signed in Saline County required some great detective work on their part - eventually found me through a contact on Facebook! As for the Marion County stuff, is there any way you could share additional information with me in a private email, especially how to contact that landman?

Sure... Walter Earl Roper at (Univ. of Illinois)

I just sent you an email. John

Send it again and add Walter