Marathons permitts

marathon has filed the following permits with the RRC:

Finney - Barker #1-H on 1/6/12 in A- 37 TR Miller Survey

Finney - Barker #2-H on 1/13/12 in A-37 TR Miller Survey

Ann Frair Thomas #2-H on 1/20/12 in A-30 McCoy Jr

Ann Frair Thomas #3-H on 1/22/12 in A-30 McCoy Jr

Note: The terminous (the end of the horizontal well) of the Finney - Barker #2-H crosses into A-13 on the NW line about 200 feet on the drilling permit plat.

Here's one for ya' Dave. I really doubt Marathon is going to start drilling anything east of 183 (just east of Finney-Barker), unless the price of natural gas goes waaaayy up. The Ann Friar Thomas wells are east of 183, but were started early last year.

See, back early last year, Hilcorp was leasing up anything they could get in the "V" between 183 and 77. I was one in talks with Hilcorp. Before we could sign, Marathon made the announcement, and everything was put on hold until the deal was finalized in November. Well, November came around and nothing.

Marathon now tells me the area is dry gas, and they really have no interest. The same is true for both Petrohawk and Pioneer. So unless the U.S. can start exporting LNG, I don't see the price of gas going up anytime soon.