Marathon's McKinley BIA 1312 Sec 4-13N-12W & 33-14N-12W

Has anyone heard anything out of Marathon's McKinley BIA 1312 well that spud back in in early December in Blaine County? It is a 2 mile well in Sec 4-13N-12W & 33-14N-12W? Seems like a completion report would have been filed by now. Any information is appreciated, I own royalties in one of the sections but live in Missouri, so I can't keep up with what's going on and can't seem to find out anything online. Thanks in advance.

It should be done by now. They don't have to file with the commission until about 60 days after first sales. It doesn't usually get to the public part of the OCC until about four months after first sales. You should see something soon.

Marathon's First quarter investor presentation is tomorrow. I just found the slide deck and don't see the well mentioned specifically, but who knows what they will say. Marathon has a lot of wells planned in the area.

Thank you for the update.