Marathon Oil and Rocky Creek Resources

Anyone know whether Marathon Oil has acquired the interests of Rocky Creek Resources in the Shiner area?

Have heard the same thing, but have not seen anything official. Can confirm that the signage at the well site entrance for the Shiner unit and Grieve unit say Marathon Oil when I passed by them last week. Recent well permits from last week still show Rocky Creek Resources as the operator.

Boomtown Oil is the main “owner” of Rocky Creek Resources, with Delago (land) and Juniper Capital ($). Interesting to see Boomtown’s report last Spring on Rocky Creek…the Shiner 1 well came in at the best of ANY oil company ever in Lavaca county…you can see this on their website…as well as maps and plans… Tri-C and Rocky Creek just exchanged some leases between each other in Lavaca and Dewitt counties in the last 8 weeks…and Rocky creek just permitted 2 more units. I have not heard of any info on the sale of Rocky Creek or any of it’s units…but I will make some calls and see what I find…and will update…

I wonder if the results of the Young well are known yet?

We signed a lease with Delago and heard that the Commanche Unit is making a profit now but haven’t received anything yet as far as royalty distribution goes. I am wondering if it is going to be delayed with Marathon taking over?

I suggest contacting Rocky Creek Resources at 713-489-6780, We have interest in the Shiner unit adjacent to the Comanche unit which was also drilled by RCR. Our royalty checks still come from RCR.

This is a slide from the Marathon 3Q Earning Presentation, it appears that they did purchase the Rocky Creek Acreage.MRO 3Q 2019 Earnings Presentation (PDF).pdf (232.1 KB)


I have a lease with Tri-C about 3 miles SE of Shiner. Have you heard any more about Tri-C and Rocky Creek exchanging some leases and about where that land is located?

Marathon bought most of Rocky Creeks leases and some units in the shiner area. Rocky creek seems to be concentrating on their northern Lavaca leases. I have not seen Tri-C and Marathon assign any leases in that area to each other, but Penn Virginia did receive some leases from Marathon. You would have to go on the Texasfile site to get more info, but you would have to pay for the documents. You should be able to call Tri-C and see if your lease was assigned to another operator…most leases do state that they would inform the mineral owner if your lease was assigned…

Thank you, MR ML, for the info.