Where can I find maps that depicts sections, blocks and even possibly abstracts?

Hello Ron,

Use the Texas Railroad Commission Public GIS(Geographic Information System) thingy:

Clint Liles

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but if you want physical maps, you might try Midland Map company. Linton

Ron -- Midland Map Company's 'Ownership Maps' (432 682-1603) on the expensive side... suggest trying Clint's approach first for the basic information you described. Ownership Maps do yield 'more' information, i.e., surface owner, mineral owner, current lessee, expiration date of lease, etc. Later -- Buzz

Ron, I have a huge map on my wall of Reeves County from like 1945. It’s over 8’ tall. People send me their Block/Section/Survey and I put a marker on the map where their property is and send them a picture. I’d be happy to do that for you if you’re interested. Linton

Ron, I found your description, the hot pink marker between the two green thumb tacks is BLK 13, SEC 136. Linton 125-IMG_20170911_133259.jpg (484 KB) 126-IMG_20170911_133346.jpg (463 KB)

Thank you Linton… Obviously who ever laid out block 13 realized they were in Texas…330 sections and laid out in the shape of a spaceship…go figure :slight_smile: but I do appreciate the info.