Maps of sections in garvin county

Can someone point me to a direction where i can look up a map(s) of sections 2,3,10 and 11 all 3n 4w garvin county? Also section 29 and 32 3n 3w. Is there a web site i look these up?? Thanks

Here is a map of Garvin County. Garvin County Map.pdf (409.8 KB)

If you are looking for wells, then that is a different site. Let us know.

Yes looking for wells in particular. The ralph, eubank and the fisher. Thx

Ralph- There are four permits. scroll down to see the permit location. (sec 3 & 10) All four were spud, but only #1 has been competed so far.

Eubank- like the Ralph, there were several permits. Section 15 surface location for new ones. 10 for original. (Sec 3 & 10 production.) All four just came online in March 2022.

Fisher 29& 32-3N-3W Original well was in 2015. New horizontal infill wells were proposed in 2021, but dismissed.

Hello m barnes. Earlier you mentioned you had mineral rights in the same general vicinity as ours. Section 10,11 , 2 and 3. T3n,r4w in garvin county. We were advised to consider hiring a landman to confirm title. Is there someone you would reccommend as a landman or maybe point me to a way. I understand if yuo cant.

Also are you familiar with sections 29, 32 3n ? Thanks in advance

What is the rest of the description for 29 & 32 3N-XX?

If you mean 3N-4W, yes I am familiar with 29&32. Did you have a particular question?

Also 2 Concho wells came on line in early March with the Eubank wells drilled with the same pad extending into section 10 and 3. Right now, Marathon has a pad in NE section 9 and drilling Hard Knox into section 3 03N 04W and 34 04N 03W, and P Tinsley sections 10 and 15 03N 04 W. There is an additional (forgot name) well drilled on that pad into section 4 03N 04W and 33 03N 04W. They are finishing up fracking now.

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