Mapped & Plotted Oil & Gas Wells

Found a great web site for anybody looking for oil & gas wells on property they are interested in. has a Free database with over 600,000 oil & gas wells records in 13 States that link up with Google Earth to show where and who owns these wells.

This is great for reasearching oil & gas companies to find out their holdings also.

Open the site they go to the top, click oilfield maps, this opens the database. Follow the direction it works great.

Pumper Jack

Thanks for the info, but the mapping button is not working…?

There might have been a temporary glitch but it seems to be working now, if you still have problems give me a call 307-358-5192 and I will assist you.\

Too bad this doesn’t work in Texas…

Texas wanted over $8,000 dollars for the data that is avilable free from all the other 13 states. Being this is a free web site it would not have been feasable to pay Texas.