Map of Sections in Stephens County, OK

Help please…Where can I find a map of the sections in Stephens County, Oklahoma. I’m getting all of these notices from drilling companies and I before I sell I would like to see at least on paper.

Please do some homework before you sell. Read this forum back about 6 or12 months. There are maps on this forum. M.Barnes has posted several with well locations. Carefully consider this decision to sell. It is a hot county. Also make certain you have clear marketable title. I’m a newbie, but study this forum and take your time. Provide your section, township and range and you will get a lot of answers and thoughts on what’s coming.

Please consider carefully before you sell. Depending upon your area, you have the potential for good income for some time to come. You might want to bounce it off the forum first. If you are getting notices from drilling companies, it may be to lease (sometimes they use the word "sell" in a strange way). There are a few companies that you do not want to sell to. If you really do need to sell, then you need to get informed so you get a fair price. The first offer you get is terribly low!

1944-StephensCountyMap.pdf (392 KB)

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner…yes I inherited this property…my mother was a Romine. I understand they are having a hearing on Tuesday March 4th so I will be doing homework. I have a stack of offers here and I want to lease before everything goes through. I understand you can make more if you do that. Do you have any idea about what date those maps are posted? Thank you so much for responding.