Map of property owners in county

a while back i was able to go to a website where it brought up who the property owners around my grandmothers property owners are. the map was nice when i didnt know the roads around her place. i cannot remember where the site is, does anybody have any clues

Hi, Nancy -

You don't mention what State or County/Parish your Grandmother's land is in, but you may be thinking of an Appraisal District or Tax Office Map that would show parcel lines and other information.

Depending upon how changes in the law after 9/11 regarding online access to such information has been applied in the subject County/Parish, you may have to go to their offices to obtain a copy of the map you want.

Or you could be describing a simple Tract or Plat Book, which cover an entire county. They are published by regional publishers, primarily in the Northeast and Midwest and are typically available through the County Clerk's Office or organizations such as the 4H Clubs.

Hope this helps -



Are you aware of any regional publishers for counties within Oklahoma?

Do an online search (Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever) for "Plat Books of Oklahoma" and you will find several.

I use the following:

1) Texas RRC site - click - identify well sites, click - district, click - county, then use arrows & zoom in enough to get abstract #s

2) Go to Google - type "Flash Earth Zoom", click - Bing map with labels, click - Search, type in city closest to your property, move browser to get over your property, then you should be able to zoom in enough to get good aerial shots of well progress

3) Go to "", register, click-county (you can see what leases,etc have been filed in County Clerks Office but if you want to view the actual instruments you'll have to pay) -- They are tring to get the site so you can see ownership maps too but have only completed a few counties)

in texas colorado county by weimar tx i viewed it last august each persons land was labed ,i called the apprasial district an she was not a were of it online, could it have been throuugh real esate stuff i have tried everything

It's a shame Plat Books never really caught on in Texas. Could it have been a map of a proposed well location? The maps attached to a Drilling Permit would have the surrounding neighbors. Other than Appraisal District Maps, the only other type of map that I am familiar with that might have your neighbors' names and property lines on it would be an Emergency Services map, like the Sheriff's Department or Emergency Management people would have. The County's Website should have a link or non-emergency number for them. The county will also have a "Map Guy" that might be able to prepare a map for you.

There is a company out of Texas that has maps of Oklahoma that show the owners of the surface and minerals by township and range. I believe they stopped updating it about 10 years ago but the maps are not free and rather expensive.