Many heirs to mneral rights - Questions regarding negotiating and signing

Richland County, Montana

Considering that: Different heirs have different percentages of mineral rights. No one has executive power to negotiate and/or sign for other heirs. I realize that it is better for all to work together, but assuming that doesn't work.

What are the rights and obligations of individual signers of gas/oil leases in Montana?

What if all the heirs sign with different companies?

What happens if all the heirs sign except one?

Thanks for your help!

I am having the same situation with one of my sibling not wanting to discuss the options as on a whole.He wants all the say -so without regards to what our wishes are and trying at excutorship against the rest of us siblings.s

I’m in Louisiana. I just received Judgement of Possesion on my dad’s estate. My step-mother signed leases with several different companies, without the Judgement. The will she presented was actually “not” valid, long story short, she does have usufruct, but that does not give her the right to sign, without consent of the naked owners/co-owners. I sent the “JOP” to two of the oil companies she leased with. One company has held the monies in suspension, and is now being looked over for disbursement. Another company has been paying royalties, plus sign on bonus. They said we (all the naked owners) needed to sign a ratification. Don’t do this! It’s basically saying it’s okay for her to take your minerals, with no compensation. MY OPINION! Don’t sign anything unless you know the law and sometimes it’s very confusing. If there are leases, send each company your right of ownership from the court house to “DIVISION ORDERS”. The contact info is usually on their website.