Manhattan 183E and 183W

The property where I own nonparticipating mineral rights (Section 183, Block 1) is being drilled. The horizontal drilling ends on another piece of property. Will I be eligible for royalties if oil or gas are found on the other property, or just if it is found on mine? Also, I would love any updates anyone has on Manhattan 183E and 183W by J. Cleo Thompson. Thanks!

I believe this will be a 960 acre pooled lease according to the drilling permit (640 acres from section 183 and 320 acres from section to the south). You should a prorated interest into the total amount of acreage. I have contacted the RRC in Midland and they tell me that no permit has been filed to spud the well, only the drilling permit. I also have some interest in this lease and would like to see some activity soon !!!


Thank you so much, Mike! If you don't mind, please let me know if you hear anything.


They are drilling the 183 E right now. I was out there last week to take some pictures. The 183 W is scheduled for January.


Thank you for the update, Mike! I would love to see pictures. I've sent a friend request if you are interested.