Manage Your Minerals

Course offered at TCU, Energy Institute. Royalty Owner program. Cost is $550.00 per day,

$1595.00 for three days. Have you or someone you know ever attended this course or one

similar ? Wondering if it would be just a waste of money.

WOW. That seems rather excessive. I can almost assure you that the information would be overkill for the average royalty owner.


Program is well organized and presents a lot of useful information. It depends on your needs. First day starts at basic level of property management - creating files each property and lease, keeping track of lease dates and expirations, wells, royalties, etc. Then they go through leasing and specific terms. The course is very worthwhile if you have a lot of properties and need to learn about details of leasing - how to negotiate and understanding all the terms - and how to manage all the data. This is an intense program trying to cram a lot of information in just a few days. I know about 10 people who went through the basic course and 3 who then opted to go to the advanced course.

Thanks for your reply. Thats what I'm wondering, how much I can absorb and how much I really need.

I believe I will try the 1st course.

Thank you very much for your reply. I believe I will try the first course. See how much I can understand.

Have heard good things about the course. Another option is the NARO state convention which is less expensive, has good course materials, and the Texas convention has 300+ mineral owners.