Man, am I confused!

I have noticed we have gotten away from addressing the person we are replying to which makes for one big bunch of confusion. Then, if that isn't enough (LOL) we are using the reply button just below the message we are replying to instead of simply typing our reply into the empty box just below that button. What this does is copy the message you are replying to AND the message you're leaving someone. It takes a lot of space and again is confusing to people like me who are easily confused. NOW, if I'm out of line saying this, just say "Mr. Luke or Wes, Please Shut Up" and I won't say another word about it. I'm so easy to get along with. lol


Thanks Wes for pointing out an issue that we all need to pay attention to.


You're more than welcome. I'm as guilty as anyone but I'm trying to change my errant ways.

Hope you have a great day.