Major or Minor Players Dimmit Co.

After several O&G companies failed during the China Virus, were there any “stalking horse” buy outs on any bankruptcy leases? Maybe Sanchez, Maverick etc? Who picked up those leases? And, is there any new activity from Verdun or other independent in Dimmit Co.? Seems its just been too quiet lately.

Please don’t use derogatory terms like “China virus”. Use COVID-19 instead please. Thank you.

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Best evidence anyone has is that it came from China. I see nothing derogatory about that. It’s simply acknowledging the truth.


I was simply seeking O&G info… But, historically many diseases are named after the country or location of origin. West Nile virus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Zika, Ebola, Spanish flu etc. Interesting topic… but it has nothing to do with the original question.


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