Major Oil and Gas Fields by 1-15N-17W

Can anyone help me find out which field my mineral rights are close to?


Unfortunately, there has been very little activity over the years for this area, so not really any “Field” to speak of.

Todd M Baker

The original well in section 1 which ceased production in 1985 has “Putnam” listed as the field name.

thank you so much. I did speak with someone who said it was in an area they referred to as Stack Play.
Does this mean anything to you? Is it true there has been little interest over the years as Todd refers to? I just had a lease expire that they paid good money for 3 years ago.

The pooling order for section two had $2000 3/16th royalty or $750 for 1/5th in Sept 2018. That gives you a ball park range.

The main horizontal drilling since 2015 was done by Felix Energy and Encino Operating in section 3 (Cottage Grove) , Encino in section 19& 32 (Cottage Grove), Excaliber in 22 (Cottage Grove) and Felix Energy in 32 & 29 (Cottage Grove reservoir).

The STACK is a series of stacked reservoirs located more to the east in Canadian and Kingfisher counties. It stands for Sooner Trend, Anadarko, Canadian and Kingfisher Counties. You might be just on the far western fringe of it. Good article attached.

Your area is called the Granite Wash. It is also a series of stacked reservoirs, but the provenance area was to the west. Information on the Granite Wash

There may be renewed interest in the area. Some of the earlier players have been bought out by new folks with new money. If it were me, I might stall a bit and see if you get any more offers.

Right now my lease just ran out so I was wondering if there were any players in the area buying leases.

Thank you so much for all your info it has really been helpful