Major County OK, Section 7 Info

I have been told that this section is producing oil right now. How do i find out how much and for how long. 720N14W I went to and found out that there wasn’t much oil production after Sept. Is the website updated late or should i assume oil production has stopped.

And any other information on this section would be appreciated.

OTC is 3-4 months behind.

Thank you @TODD_M_Baker Whats the best way to figure out current production levels.

And do you have any idea about this section and its future prospects.

This is the first time i am buying mineral rights. Apologies for newbie questions.

No way to know about current production unless you are a working interest owner. Don’t know what the future holds for this section or the area in general. But with current commodity prices and lackluster horizontal well results, I would say prospects of any additional drilling in the near future are close to nil.