Major complaint about West Virginia's, make that Doddridge WV "legal system"

Someone tell me West Virginia is still a part of the United States!

My Doddridge County Circuit Court case wound down to the judge setting up a "Special Commisioner" to see that ARC sent to "the court" the money to cover payment for the land portioned from me as well as some funds going to other co-owners of the property mineral rights ARC wanted.

The person selected is a member of the legal team representing ARC! I received, from him the notice of how ARC was to send the money to "the court" and a suggestion as to how the money would be distributed. Next I received notice from the same source, that the check that had been sent to "the court" had been cashed and, written as if an afterthought, I need to "command the court" to release my portion of the total funds to me (or persons acting in my behalf).

But no information was given as to exactly who, or what, was meant by "the court". No person's name or party's name OR CONTACT INFO!

Since there is no listing for "the court" on the Doddridge court's website I made several blind calls and was told they could be of no help.

Someone suggested I contact a Mr. Moore, Court Receiver. Who had retired and I would have to call his house. My cell phone call was hampered by feed back/echo and the call did not result in contact. So I wrote a letter.

Return letter indicated he could not be of help as he was not a lawyer. Told me to hire a lawyer...

I sent a letter to the judge and he responded the case was closed and he could provide me no consul, hire a lawyer...

WHY? The judge ruled I was to receive the money and he appointed a person to see that ARC deposited the check to "the court". Therefore "the court" has my money, but as stated above, who is "the court"?????

I translate this as certain WV persons telling me, "Not one cent of the money meant for you is going across the Ohio River unless you hire a West Virginia lawyer!"

I will come out and state why I am upset, I had to file for bankruptcy here at home due to my health and the money from Doddridge was listed with the court as an asset. And now I lack the funds to pay my lawyer and the case will be dropped leaving me without a home.

Is there a state wide Legal aid Society in West Virginia? That is the only way I see out of my situation. RCR 8/15/2017