Macedonia Minerals, LLC leasing mineral rights

Tract No. One All that certain 28 acres of land, more or less, out of the Thomas Hanks Survey in Angelina County Texas, and from ##### to #####, of record in Volume 241, Page 289 Deed Records Angelina County, Texas, less approximately 125 acres, more or less, thereof, taken by the United States of America for McGee Bend Reservoir in Judgement, ac certified copy of is of record in Volume 267, Page 17, Deed Records, Angelina Count, Texas. Tract No. Two All of our undivided interest in and to the oil, gas and other minerals in and under the following described tract or parcel of real property, to wit: Being 178 acres, more or less, in the Thomas Hanks Survey, A-304, Angelina County, Texas, and being the same land described as the “Second Tract” of 153.0 acres and the third Tract" of 25.0 acres in a deed from ###### to ##### dated March 15, 1960, and reorded at Volume 25, Page 289, Deed Records of Angelina County, Texas.

Looking like $500 per net acre verified. My question is this. On that first tract where the government took the land to build Rayburn Why did the family not get the mineral rights?

If you are going to sell, I wouldn't settle for Macedonia. Black Stone is offering much more.