Maass Road, Burton TX

Construction on Maass Road near Helm looks like a new oil/gas pad going in. Rumors say its a new oil pad but I can’t find any permits for it online. Anyone know anything about a new well or pad site on Maass? I believe Geosouthern has several mineral leases in the area.

Thanks for the heads up. Geosouthern just filed the permit today for their 1070 acre Longhorn unit. Guess they started the pad before the permit was filed.

Glad to finally see some more activity.

Thank you so much for the survey image. I cannot tell where Helm and Maass meet on the map…I believe from the RRC map that we are located in the GW Gentry A-136 plat but it looks like a T on the RRC map and rectangle on the Longhorn map. The question I have is do you know what is going in on Maass Road? Is it is a big natural gas plant like Battlehorse facility or maybe a processing plant? I see on AMP website that a processing plant is going in north of 290 between Burton and Brenham but cannot see exactly where. Just trying to figure out size, noise, disturbances that could be coming our way if we buy a property at the corner of Helm and Maass to build a future home. All for drilling and small wells but not sure about a large plant.

Thank you.

Here’s another copy of the plat with what I think are the correct locations for the roads labeled.

Hadn’t heard anything about another plant site north of 290. With the slowdown in drilling I’m wondering if AMP isn’t already thinking they may be building too large a plant on Old Mill Creek Road.


Thank you Dusty. Looks like this is going to be a well but shouldn’t be able to see it from our property. I believe we are right where the “19” is located around the corner from the current construction.