Lynn Co

I have and offer of $300/ acre with 20% for 3 years with 2 year option. Lessee is The Caffey Group.

Any comments>




Could you be more specific about the location of your minerals? Information as to the State, Township, Range, Section, Shale Play, etc. would help.


Lynn Co, Tx Sec 205, Block 4.

Dennis: I was contacted by Caffey Group at the end of March, 2012 and they were offering a couple of hundred more for a 3/2 with 25% but I believe that deal may only have been for large tracts that could be delivered within a certain time frame. In the meantime I have signed with Threshold who is leasing for Shell. My lease lies along the immediate east side of Hiwy 87, 10 mi north of Tahoka.

Thanks Mary Lou, it is good to have something to compare with. My tract is only 275 acres.